Monday, 4 June 2012

Hay Festival

I always worry a little about going away from home for a few days. But I take precautions: I double lock the house, I have a good alarm system and I set timed security lights.

I noticed my house keys were missing from my fancy snap-lock key ring. Ah, well, they'll be in the caravan somewhere. Then I got a call from my father-in-law. He'd been passing the house and noticed my bunch of keys lying on the driveway in front of the house. OMG! I lock the place up, make it secure, then leave the bloody keys outside for any passing brigands to collect, take away, then return later with his Luton van and colleagues to help with the heavy stuff. I think I need a new key-ring system.

It rained in Hay yesterday. When it rains here it doesn't do it by halves. Hay rain is serious, committed, professional rain. It rained all day and the ill-prepared, most of us, got very wet. Did I care? Well, not much. We had some good sessions at the festival site, especially Susan Greenfield, the neuroscientist, who, in just under an hour, managed to rewire my brain into buying her book. I swore, before I came, that I had more than enough books – at least forty must-read-next titles on my shelves. What I don't need right now is another one. But I am no match for a neuroscientist. Not only did I buy her book but I got it signed. An excellent read it is proving to be, too. I am most interested in her take on computers and IT and social media and how they will change our very identities. For good or ill? I'll finish writing the blog before I read that bit.

Today, Monday, was dry and at times, sunny. A lovely day. Two excellent talks at the festival, a fine meal at The Granary, and... well, I bought some more books at the Hay Cinema Book Shop. I am weak, I know, but I found a David A Hardy book of science fiction art, 'Visions of Space', for only six quid, and it is just fabulous. It's from the era of SF illustration that I most love, elegant cigar-shaped moon ships and Chesley Bonestell wheeled space stations. Wonderful stuff.


  1. Hi Mike! I was at Hay on the 4th of June this year too. We probably passed in the crowd. I was caught up with my publisher's 25th birthday celebrations, the one with the balloons in the Summer House.

    Maybe see you there next time?

    Looking forward to meeting you all at Wirral Writers.


    1. Hi Juliet, Ahh, if only I'd known you were there in Hay, I could have looked out for you and maybe offered bribes you for an extra mark or two for my Maynah Lewis story. (Mine was the one about the astronaut husband. 2nd place. pah!)
      Sorry you couldn't make it for the results night, especially after all the hard work you put into the judging and the crit sheets, but hopefully we'll get another chance to meet you.
      Many Thanks
      Oh, and I hope Phoebe is feeling better.