Saturday, 30 July 2011

Church Stretton

Having a caravan weekend in Shropshire with the fine folks of Chase DA. This is really a shakedown before we embark on our epic tow down to Nice and Provence in a few weeks time. We are compiling a list of things we need to fix before we go. It's going to be long list.
Right now, though we've taken a break from damage assessment and we're heading up onto the Long Mynd.
(Correction, there was no mobile signal up there so we've been up and come back down since I started this) So right now - really right now - we're back at the caravan and I'm feeling pretty knackered. An early night sounds like a good bet. Early as in half past seven-ish.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Some Photos of the National Botanic Garden of Wales

Words not required. Just how awesome is this place? Here's the link, it's well worth a visit.

Llandeilo Weekend

Having a quick one-nighter in South Wales. Went to see the Welsh National Botanic Garden and we were completely blown away. (Pictures to follow when I get back online) This place needs more publicity. We stopped off in the Co-op a couple of miles up the road and the tourist info display didn't even mention it. We only learned of the garden's existence after a chance encounter at the Hay Festival earlier this year.
Anyway, highlights: the walled garden, the touring fungus exhibition, the meandering water feature down the main pathway and of course the magnificent glasshouse, the biggest single-span glasshouse in the world, apparently.
I have to give a plug to the hotel we've been staying in, too, because it was lovely. The Cawdor in Llandeilo. Very friendly staff and probably the most comfortable bed in the world.
We kind of fell for the village of Llandeilo, too. It has a real buzz about it. There's a sense of pride here that seems to be missing from too many towns and villages these days. A pity we're only here for such a short time. But I reckon we'll be back.