Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Uncomplicated Life of the Caravanner

I've been watching the caravan opposite for the last hour trying to get
the TV aerial sorted. At first they tried various configurations of
attaching it to the roof rack on the car. Then the wife was sent out
again, armed with a mobile phone to enable instant feedback of the
results, where she has been trying to attach a 20 foot pole to the
hedge.They're still trying. We started watching when we came back from
a walk. Since then we've had soup, sandwiches, fruit, nibbles, washed
the dishes, put away the table, fetched water from the tap and still
they're at it.What strikes me about this little performance is that it
is the wife who does the aerial work. The husband is in charge of the
more technical aspect of sitting by the TV coordinating the operation
via his mobile phone.I'm loving this. I wonder what they want to
watch....ooh, ooh! I was about to sign off, but there's been a
development. The wife is out there with pliers, straightening all the
twigs on the aerial. I'll give her this - she doesn't give up easily.

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