Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Yeah, really. Luton. It's not a holiday, but I'm in a hotel for three days so I guess it counts as time away and is Travelling-in-a-box-eligible. I've been sent here by my day job masters, a kind of imprisonment for something really bad I must have done to them once. I can't tell you anything about what I'm doing here, not because it's secret, but because I don't have much of a clue what I'm doing here myself.

So, a quick review of the Icon Hotel in Luton. When I arrived at 7-30pm my room wasn't ready. Not a good sign. Food service was slow, nearly an hour waiting for the starter.. The TV in my room only picks up one channel, not that I'm really all that bothered as there's no time for watching telly or, more importantly reading or even writing.

Here's the restaurant review: On the second night we went to a marvellous little Italian called the Mona Lisa. Been there before and will go again if ever I have to return to these parts. Its cosy and friendly and the food is excellent.

Last nice a group of about 30 descended on the Red Chilli, and Indian restaurant just around the corner from the hotel. I don't get much chance to eat Indian so I can't compare it with anywhere else. But the service was excellent and I enjoyed the food, even though late night Indian food in vast quantities does not seem to be the best recipe for a good night's sleep. (I must be putting on so much weight this week. No exercise at all and too much food, way too much.

So, I'm packing my bags today, woo hoo. Still got a long day ahead locked in a room doing incomprehensible things with numbers, but at least I'll be home soon.

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