Saturday, 24 April 2010


Hi, my name is Mike, welcome to my first post. Right now I'm sitting in my box in Chertsey, Surrey, on the banks of the river Thames. The box? The box is a twenty-year-old Avondale caravan. Let's see if I can find a photo.


I'll do better than that in future posts, but this will do for now. This is the view I'm looking at right now (or I would be if it wasn't dark right now).

So, what to expect in forthcoming posts? Well, a lot of ranting. Things annoy me. Things like Dutch lorry drivers who park in the designated caravan parking in service stations (Oxford services on this occasion) and who thus cause one to have to three-point-turn. Three-point-turning a caravan is not fun, especially over concrete curbing, so if anyone from Heijboer Transport is reading this, please give the driver of BT VN 69 a special thank-you from me.

I expect I will post about camp sites I like and camp sites I don't like. There'll probably be a lot about chemical toilet emptying as it tends to dominate the psyche of caravanners to some extent. (So let that be a stern warning to any SF people who venture over from 'Mike with a J')

And there'll be other travel stuff, too. Financial constraints are not what they where, and about 12 months ago I undertook my first ever flight. Airport tales are always more interesting from the point of view of those who have only just started to experience those particular delights. A pity I missed the ash delays - lots of great material there. My brother, Andy, probably wouldn't agree with me on that one, he's only just got home. Still, I'm off to Geneva in a month or so. Loads of opportunities for ranting on that one, I'm sure.

Enough for now. Let's see how this unfolds. Maybe now and again I'll wind the clock back and go into the archives, to the days of tent camping or to when we towed a forty-year-old Sprite Alpine to Switzerland. Who knows.

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